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About Patrick

Patrick J. Cameron was born and raised in Minnesota until, in 1979, he moved to California to pursue an acting career. Over a ten-year period, he achieved a measure of success acting in various stage, television and movie productions. Along with acting, Patrick became a master carpenter and craftsman. Despite some good fortune in the acting industry, Patrick’s spiritual hunger and longing for true connection grew strong. Patrick found the teaching of the Science of Mind during this period which became a way “to fill my empty cup,” and “to connect with God in a personal way.”

“Acting was my dream but not my calling.” Patrick immersed himself in the Science of Mind teaching, which is unlike most religions in that it values and draws from wisdom teachings from around the world. Exceptional teachers served as Patrick’s mentors, and in 2002, he moved to Edmonton to become the spiritual director of the Edmonton Centre for Spiritual Living. Patrick has been thrilled to fan the flame and witness the growth of those around him as they learn to apply spiritual principles and use practical/mental tools to transform their lives.

Patrick’s clear vision is to strive for authentic relationships, and continually work on his own transformation. He looks for opportunities to help people connect to their own personal divinity.

“My life work is spiritual discovery and application… I’ve witnessed the power and potential of spiritual community and I know the people, young and old, who apply the tools of this teaching are practical mystics. My personal and public commitment is to the individual, community and global transformation; A world that works for everyone!”